23 February 2010

Is Your Horse "Looking For Fun"? (Not A Breeding Advert)

"Is your horse playful, energetic and looking for fun?

Do you want to compete in an exciting horse sport without having to ride?

Then why not try Horse Agility?"
They invented this sport just before Christmas, and already they've made the Nag & Dog. IOC recognition and a movement for Olympic inclusion are surely right around the corner. The inventor says, "It's like dog agility, but with bigger obstacles." Yeah, but…you can't ride a dog*!

If you could ride your dog, we think no one would really be doing a lot of dog agility. Maybe they can get together with Nevzorov Haute Ecole, where the horses surely get bored when they are done with their Latin lessons.

It is The Carrot's opinion that if God had not intended for us to ride horses, they wouldn't be so darn good at being ridden. Thanks to the fun kids over at Eventing Nation for bringing "horse agility" to our attention; we don't know how we missed this one.

*unless you're a monkey:

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