07 July 2010

Felicity Foxhunter Is NOT Kidnapped!

Good to know that our favorite member of the blogosphere Felicity Foxhunter is still with us and recently active.  If you want to hear from Felicity, just mention something about how she is AWOL and then she appears, like magic! We love it. Her four-legged blogging cohort Geldoff has also finally resurfaced, we thought he'd long since gone to the knackers. Geldoff visits with FIFA World Cup sensation Paul, the Oracle Octopus, who shares his WEG predictions:
"He said the FEI would introduce several new prizes, including the LDR award for Best Rollkur Impression, to be judged by warmup ring stewards, and the BFF award for the Friendliest National Federation."
For more on Paul and his World Cup predictions, here's a great real headline from today's Telegraph: Psychic Octopus Paul Unfazed By Death Threats, Says Keeper.

Still more fake news about Paul from The Spoof.

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