30 July 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up For July

As if the world of FIFA World Cup sensation Paul couldn't be any weirder, it gets better: Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Attacks Paul, the Psychic Octopus. Apparently Mr. Ahmadinejad feels that Paul's prophecies are nothing but "western propaganda and superstition." Responded Paul, still surrounded by football groupies, "Hey, I got your 72 virgins right here, pal. Nine for each leg."

A Russian bookmaker has also made a €100,000 bid for Paul. In an effort to differentiate the Russian offer from that of Spain, Oleg Zhuravsky has promised to take Paul parasailing. Which brings us to our Ass Update: If someone asks you to take their donkey parasailing, it's best just to call the mental health authorities. Or sell her to The Sun in yet another publicity stunt and make her play football intstead (worth a click for the pic). With bullshit like that, Mr. Donkey Parasailer might have a future with the WEG organizing committee. Besides, everyone knows donkeys prefer basketball:

In other weird animal news, a dog recently shot his owner in New Zealand.  "The owner has not been named, neither has the breed of dog."  So they're trying to racially profile the dog, then. Nice. Desperately seeking contact details for the dog regardless of breeding is this unfortunate cat, maried against her will to her freak of an owner in Germany (outstanding video in case you missed it):

Please for the love of God, no tongue...
Don't even think about it, pal.