21 February 2010

European Equestrian Federation Formalised; Hanfried Haring Gets Another Job

Hanfried Haring continues to rack up appointments, proving very popular in the aftermath of the FEI president's amusingly failed attempt to have him removed from the FEI Bureau and permanently banished from the FEI Nation. First Dr. Haring got elected to the FEI Executive Board (a small subcommittee of the Bureau), then was elected president of the new European Equestrian Federation (EEF), which was officially formed in Warendorf on Thursday. Said Dr. Haring, "HRH is so screwed, lol" "Our intent is to work cooperatively with the FEI. Look, we even conspicuously let them send out the press release announcing the formation of our federation. And not just because we don't have anyone hired to do that sort of thing yet." Translation: "If she does whatever we want, why would there be any problem?" Commented HRH, "I guess this means they like me, they really, really like me!" The EEF have already come out with their new logo and flag, which look curiously familiar:

Here they are huddling out in the cold to commemorate the occasion with the most generic, unceremonious photo ever. Sure looks like something we should be excited about. They look like they are posing for the obligatory shot at the end of an officials' course for the FEI Bulletin:

"Western Europeans have dominated equestrianism forever!
We demand our rights to continue to do so!"
Photo credit: Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung (FN)

"This oppression cannot be tolerated.
My people have suffered too long."
German FN President Count Breido Graf zu Rantzau
Photo credit: JPMorganChase

New readers of The Carrot may not be aware that Germany "officially" passed the political torch at last fall's FEI General Assembly awards gala. Be sure to check it out for other exclusives, such as who won the FEI's coveted Most Obvious Bullshit award!

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