29 November 2009

HRH Reassures That FEI Is Solvent, Stresses Unity

Due to last week's long-anticipated, can't-deny-it-anymore financial meltdown in Dubai, the FEI president has sought to reassure the equestrian public that the FEI remains solvent and is not at financial risk. "FEI World has always been completely separate from Dubai World, so there is nothing to fear. We remain in a very strong financial position." When asked about whispers that the FEI headquarters might end up homeless, HRH scoffed, "This is just a silly rumour; the FEI can always go back to renting another headquarters as it did before. There are countless vacant office buildings in...Dubai, for example, and the staff can even continue to ski!"

HRH also addressed the uproar that has broken out over her devious rule changing behaviour. Apparently inspired by her husband's comments on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi rivalry, she remarked, "There is no FEI and European NFs, we are one, who doesn't understand this should do their homework before they start talking, we will be there for each other when we need it. And I want to tell those people who nag about the FEI and European NFs to shut up."

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