31 August 2010

Another Funny Race Video

From the family-friendly HaHaHorses Facebook page, we have to give this one an R rating because it uses an f-bomb in a sexual context. Yes, really. So all you kids out there don't watch it, and don't read The Carrot. Go to HaHaHorses instead. Oh wait...

Introducing. . .

The Training Method Formerly Known As. . .LDR/RK/HF/LDR/WTF/DNR

We like to problem solve here at the Carrot, so in order to stem semantic confusion, hurt feelings, allegations, lawsuits and the like, we thought this might be a great solution.

30 August 2010

Dubya's FEI Campaign Takes Shape

A daring campaign platform has emerged, from Ilovethecarrot:

Some Spicy RK vs. LDR Commentary

The talented artist Michelle Guillot continues to impress with her biting satire:
Copyright Michelle Guillot

There are also French and German versions at the Horses For Life Facebook page.  None in Dutch, apparently. Here's another one she did last year that I thought was pretty funny. Assuming you're not the target, of course. We try to be equal opportunity offenders here.
Copyright Michelle Guillot

In some related news, I was on the horseandcountry.tv site recently and started reading an article on Anky vs. Astrid, which sounded really familiar. That's because I had already read it last week, when it was originally published by...Horsetalk! Plagiarize much?

Eurodressage reported today news from horses.nl that the Party for the Animals has posed questions from the Dutch House of Commons to various ministers regarding LDR, alleged rollkur, alleged nasty emails from chefs d'équipe, and what have you. That is...hilarious. This is the kind of spectacle only a political party-proliferating parliamentary system can provide; those elsewhere are truly deprived. I'm sure this is just what the FEI had in mind when they redefined and banned "it"! Well done! Too bad the Dutch taxpayers have nowhere to send the bill.

PR debacles much?

26 August 2010

Call For (Real) Nominations

We started our Horse of the Year award as sort of a joke, but in our highly scientific poll, a whopping 73% of Carrot readers agreed it was an odd omission from the FEI Awards. An impressive 1% are apparently real contrarians and think horses are truly irrelevant, except Oki Doki, who managed not only an FEI obit but a necropsy follow-up. Our dear friend Felicity Foxhunter has issued a call for readers to consider nominating their favorite equine athlete for the FEI's real Best Athlete award, since it might send a clearer message. Nominations close on August 30 so you have four days to make a pitch for your preferred horse (don't nominate Ed, The Naughty Pony). The link is here.

25 August 2010

The Carrot Resolves Legal Dispute Over Nomination of Ed, the Naughty Pony

After a full investigation into the facts surrounding the nomination of Ed, the Naughty Pony for Horse of the Year, The Carrot has determined that the pony was not incorrectly nominated, since it turns out we have no bylaws, or any rules for the Horse of the Year award, having failed to think that through at the appropriate time. Thus, Ed the Naughty Pony's nomination remains in place. (and actually he's picked up four more endorsements since then, tied with Totilas!)

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Bunny showjumping, from the Barnmice site:

24 August 2010

Just When Things Had Gotten So Dull. . .

So dull, in fact, that we had to start some online shenanigans with Eventing Nation to entertain ourselves since HRH has been on her best behavior, the Youth Olympic Games have been a smashing success (did anyone notice?), and so on. . .rollkur's back!

Hoefslag reported today that Eurodressage's Astrid Appels has been sued by Anky van Grunsven. Gee, who saw that coming? This over a photo of Salinero accompanied by the text "Horse in the rollkur, hyperflexed position," which wouldn't seem to be a problem except that it was done in context with reporting the news of the FEI's redefinition of rollkur/ hyperflexion as something very bad that you're not allowed to do, and not a position but a technique used to obtain a position (which is something that would have to be adjudicated). I knew this was going to be a legal issue at some point but expected it to be an Internet-public problem, because I would think the real media would know better. Once rollkur/ hyperflexion was redefined (cue laughter), it would seem you can no longer throw those words around in statements of fact (vs. opinion) in relation to what a given rider is doing without risk of a defamation charge. I think this should go without saying, so put me on Team Anky for this round. Not in the sense of "Yeah, sue her ass!!!" or anything like that, I think it's a shame, especially because there are times when Astrid is the one person who will say what needs saying and I applaud that characteristic generally. It's just that you can make the same point in an editorial context rather than editorializing the news.

Horsetalk has the first English article about it, which quotes horses.nl as reiterating the confusion of LDR with rollkur/hyperflexion as being at issue. Naturally there is a tremendous amount of BS involved in all this, but from a legal perspective, I think this small point is valid, and if someone came to me with that particular legal argument, I think I would readily concede them that point. But then I don't really have a 'side,' so I have no emotion wrapped up in it. It's sort of like if someone gets done for medication, and you go writing that they got done for doping. Not smart. Legally that's two very different things under FEI rules (and that legal distinction is now four years old). In an update, a reader noted Wednesday that the photo alone, sans caption, might well have resulted in a suit as well, which I hadn't thought of but is a good point. In that case I think the use of the photo alone, without a statement of fact when the governing body just changed the facts du jour, is no problem at all and I would fully support her in using it to accompany the FEI press release in question.

I don't understand much Dutch, but some things need no translation, like "een superbitch" and "die Duitse journalisten maffia," terms of endearment Dr. Appels claims (in response to the suit) to have received from Sjef Janssen via email. What this has to do with the content of the suit I fail to see, but of course it does nothing to flatter the plaintiff. In any case Mr. Janssen apparently denies or does not recall having said these things to Dr. Appels, and if you understand Dutch you can listen to an interview here.

Dutch is a fascinating language, with wonderful words like "dressuuramazone." It also brought us this gem from the Gerd Heuschmann saga: "'Antirollkürman' zelf niet vies van inbuigen". I don't know exactly what it means but I know I just can't stop laughing over "Antirollkurman."

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's. . .AntiRollkurMan!!!"  That would make a GREAT xtranormal.com movie.

In other news, comedy is contagious, and dressage people are funny too! (and good sports)
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Racehorses Should Not Have Stupid Names

Or you end up with a really funny video, from the Barnmice site:

23 August 2010

A Cinematic Tour de Force

The latest from Ilovethecarrot's production company, this is fantastic!
Rated PG-13 for one f-bomb that I happen to think is practically essential to the plot, but that's just me. If a clean version becomes available we'll link to it.

Of course if you're not in America that rating doesn't apply, but Dubya says if you're not in America, you've got much bigger problems to worry about.

If you don't understand how Dubya got to be the president of the FEI, you must have just joined us, so see the very first Carrot ever and then it will make sense.

22 August 2010

Nominations For Carrot Horse Of The Year Pour In

(everything's relative)

The innovative notion of a Horse of the Year award to honor the FEI Nation's biggest star of 2010 has proven extremely popular around the world. So far we have received six nominations for Sapphire, two for Totilas, two for sentimental favorite Oki Doki, one for Zekina Z, a rather touching tribute to Parzival, and one nomination for interweb sensation Ed, The Naughty Pony.

Unfortunately a quick check reveals that Ed, The Naughty Pony, is not registered with the FEI, so we're not sure we can accept that nomination. We'll have to consult our Senior Legal Advisor but the nominator of Ed, The Naughty Pony, should rest assured that the decision will be rendered in full compliance with The Carrot bylaws and with the utmost transparency. We think it's important to set a good example, in case anybody at [name your sports federation] might be reading.

Please continue to nominate even those listed, especially if you have a funny reasoning for your choice, since that's how you sway the judges here (bribes are only possible elsewhere).

Ponies are naughty. Who knew? About a week ago this thing had like 30,000 hits, now it's 275,000+!


Be sure to vote in our latest poll!

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An Open Letter To A Struggling Eventing Nation Guest Writer

The Carrot understands you are having difficulty with your usual publisher. The Carrot would be most pleased and truly honored to publish your fake interview with a fake eventer if John continues to be too chicken to post it, which means it must be really, really good. Or else he really got some terrible hate mail for the other ones.

Unlike John, we're not Big Time Industry Insiders with advertisers so we don't have to worry. Which brings us to our Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Fake News:
The welfare of the fake news must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.
Of course, we're just a tiny little underground comedy shop here and can't compete with his free Point Two Air Jackets and all that. But if we post it here, John should be brave enough to link to it, which means at least a few hundred people will manage to see it anyway. A good fake interview should never go to waste!


The Carrot

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Our Bad: Latawnya The Naughty Horse Two Is Already Out There

And on Facebook! Complete with a devil horse wearing jeans, and lots of compliments from the author's kids. But there are no dramatic readings or copies on Amazon.com, maybe she wised up and only had enough printed for her immediate family. It appears that the real life Latawnya might be the author's youngest daughter, who must have screwed up big time if she got turned into a horse and called out in bound print by her own mother. Wow! Tough love, indeed. What did parents do before there were vanity publishers willing to produce the worst children's book ever, for a fee?

The enticing preview of Latawnya Two from Amazon:
Latawnya The Naughty Horse Two points out the low life drug pusher. The pusher tries to entice everyone to use drugs and drink alcohol. Latawnya Two is an anti-drug children's picture book. It teaches children there are better activities to do with their lives than drinking alcohol and using drugs. Latawnya finds many different good and positive activities to do to make her life better. She has already learned her lesson the hard way to stay away from drinking alcohol and using drugs. Latawnya and two of her friends will see the back of a low life who is trying to hook everyone on drugs. He tries to entice them to use cocaine and meth, but they laugh at him. They let him know he can take his drugs and go. They also let him knows they have better activities to do than using drugs. Latawnya and her friends are on the basketball team. There will be a big talent show. Everyone will audition. Someone will create a beautiful original song and dance. Look out for Latawnya The Naughty Horse - Three. Spooky finally meets his match.
Here's an even better dramatic interpretation of Latawnya One from earlier this year, I think the accent really improves it.

Almost funnier than the book itself is that the author appears to be full-on obsessed with ending the lucrative resale market for this unintentional cult classic, randomly posing legal accusations questions to Amazon.com on the interweb:
sylviagibson53 Asked:
Amazon.com name the person who gave you permission to publish and sell my book and use my name illegally.

amazon.com what is the person name who gave you permission to publish, and sell my book Latawnya The Naughty Horse and use my name illegally all over the internet in different countries all over the world without my permission?

I am not connected to my book at all on the internet. The devil got my book. I am going to take it back with the help of God.
She might be certifiable. But we do admire her pluck in proceeding with Latawnya Two and Three. And of course, there is nothing wrong with the message itself, so all you kids out there who shouldn't even be reading The Carrot to start with, Don't Do Drugs! And visit HaHaHorses instead, where there is plenty of kid-friendly fun to be had!

I don't know how I missed Latawnya the first time around...was I not on the same Internet in 2007?

Nancy and Ronnie Just Say Neigh!

Be sure to visit our home page and vote in our latest poll: Is it weird that the FEI does not have a Horse of the Year award?
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21 August 2010

The Problem With Bute Is...

It's a gateway drug. Next thing you know they're "smoking drugs and drinking." I found this hilarious book, circa 1991, while looking for funny horse pics to send to the phenomenal new comedy site that everyone is talking about, HaHaHorses, brought to you by the fun kids over at Eventing Nation.

It's worth a visit to a fun blog started by real live librarians (now there's an attention getting phrase!) called Awful Library Books to read the comments. The purported author is, shall we say, a bit peeved that people are making fun of her fantastic contribution to the Just Say Neigh literary canon. The author also boldly threatens says there's a sequel in the works (as of January 2010):
"You keep laughing. You really will laugh when you see Latawnya The Naughty Horse Two. It will be released soon."
Some more comments:
"With copies of this book going from $65 to $125 on Amazon, sell it and make a donation to the drug free horse alliance."
"laugh it up guys but if this keeps just one horse off meth it's worth it"
If that's not enough of a time waster for you, there's actually a dramatic reading of this apparent cult favorite on YouTube.

Latest poll: Is it weird that the FEI does not have a Horse of the Year award? Vote here!

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19 August 2010

The Carrot Announces Horse of the Year Award

We found it strange last year when the new FEI Awards were inaugurated, and there was no category honoring an equine participant in the sport. You know, one of those big, expensive, four-legged, carrot-and-bute-inhaling critters that never asked for any recognition. Or to participate in any sport, for that matter. The Carrot reported this oddity in the November General Assembly coverage, back when hardly anyone was reading this silly blog:
The new FEI Awards were intended to "pay tribute to the heroes of the sport," according to an FEI news release. "Heroes" being a group which apparently includes riders of horses, grooms of horses, and development initiatives, but not the actual horses themselves, or we might expect to see some sort of FEI honour for the sport's rather indispensable equine partners. The puzzled audience was left to ponder the same question on the mind of many an FEI veterinary delegate or judge, after a damn fine filly in need of better foundation garments has presented her steed (along with other assets) at the trot-up: "Was there a horse?"
Horses apparently aren't at the heart of horse sport, but they sure are at the root of it. So we decided since the FEI does not have a Horse of the Year award, we'll have one. We've selected a superb panel of Equestrian Big Wigs to do the judging, along with legendary actor Robert Duvall.

Send your nomination with a (preferably funny) rationale for your choice to horseslovecarrotsandbute at googlemail.com.

And if you are a feed/email subscriber, be sure to visit our home page and vote in our latest poll: Is it weird that the FEI does not have a Horse of the Year award, or is it just us?

17 August 2010

Horses, Horse People, The Odd Monkey. . .There Will Be Laughter

If you read Eventing Nation, you no doubt have already heard about this great new website, hahahorses.com. And if you don't read Eventing Nation, let's face it, you probably suck at life.

Let me walk you through it: A daily photo, a caption contest, lots of laughs, a terrific prize, and all proceeds go to equine charities.

It's brilliant, and you can submit photos as well. We think a certain equine Latin instructor might provide some good ones.

All of which begs the question: Has John quit his day job yet?

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Time For Your Bute, Kids!

The FEI NSAID congress concludes today, the full 80+ page program is on the FEI website. We lowly mortals can also send our thoughts on the issue via nsaidcongress2010 at fei.org, which is pretty cool.

I'm not necessarily anti-NSAIDs (except in combination!), but the issues in Europe need to be carefully considered and whether what is appropriate and desirable for some disciplines is appropriate and desirable for all (most notably endurance) does not appear to have even been considered the first time around. And then of course there was the pesky issue of blatantly violating the FEI constitution (pp 40, 38) to ram it through, that people in favor largely turned a blind eye to. We HATE it when that happens. It also seems to still be largely a debate between zero tolerance and the progressive list, which is a pretty big leap. I'd like to think that a middle ground, that gets rid of sanctions for these infinitessimal positives that are so far below any possible therapeutic level, is a valid option, without allowing administration so close to competition if that ultimately proves untenable to stakeholders.

This genuine piece of artwork was published last winter, and I think it's not only a brilliant bit of commentary but also very beautifully done. The artist is Michelle Guillot, who does wonderful animal portraits and also did a very amusing take on modern dressage.

This can be freely republished but please credit the artist, who retains copyright.

"Fans Flock To Lexington, KY For Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games"

That's a real headline from a recent Marriott press release because of course when the nicest hotel in town is fully booked because they priced their rooms appropriately, they always need some last minute PR acts of desperation just to let everyone know about it. Seriously though, we've seen some great room rates pop up lately (OK so one was a Motel 6), so if you wanted to go to the WEG, but were aghast at the room prices, be sure look around some more, especially for places not affiliated with Short's Travel because there's definitely a markup there. And of course there's that great "sale" on ticket prices, a sale which probably should have happened right after the European Championships at Windsor. Because everyone knows $45 for an endurance race is completely ridiculous. It doesn't matter if it's a world championship. Even for $25 you really need to throw in free parking and all the Pepsi and Papa John's cardboard folks can choke down, or it's still way too ridiculous.

In exciting news, as further indication of the harmony between the FEI and USEF, a statue bust of HRH has been erected at the Kentucky Horse Park in commemoration of all those who did not get busted during her witch hunt term. It hasn't been officially unveiled yet but using our excellent network of contacts we managed to sneak a peek.

Already a crowd has gathered in anticipation to put their own mark on the occasion.
Fans flock to Lexington for Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

I asked the artist, "Why Molly Malone? I thought she was a fish monger by day and. . ."

"No," he replied. "'Twas bute and bullshit that one was on about, bute and bullshit. But you should never question great art. Simply behold it."

OK, whatev. Sure hope nobody's been stumbling drunk around Dublin lately being told to take a left at the Tart With A Cart, 'cause she's left town. In a reciprocal gesture recognizing this gift from the Emerald Isle, the state of Kentucky sent two drunken Irish farriers back to where they came from. Horses throughout the area applauded. Or would have, if they had hands.

Many thanks to the exceptionally funny Mr Spud O'Reilly.

13 August 2010

Ouch, That Might Leave A Mark

We might have to start a series entitled Great Moments in Equestrian Journalism. The USA's most highly esteemed The Chronicle of the Horse published on Wednesday a most curious history of international endurance:
In 1982 the Fédération Equestre Internationale recognized endurance as an international sport, and in 1993 endurance became the fifth team discipline under the U.S. Equestrian Team. The first world championships were held in 1998 in the United Arab Emirates.
Oh my. If by 1998 they meant 1986, well then sure. That's only a difference of. . .twelve years, in which the USA won all six individual world endurance championship titles, a run extending through 1998 with the seventh consecutive US gold, Valerie Kanavy's second in Dubai. A run which also featured Becky Hart's incredible three consecutive world titles on the same horse (!). There's a helluva lot of horsemanship involved in keeping a horse at that level for so long, even in a small sport (and the winning ride times back then were nothing to sneeze at). Which is why we're mentioning it. And then there were Pieraz's two consecutive golds, and the two WECs that the US itself hosted and the two team golds they won there. You can still read a bit about this history of endurance, pre-UAE cash era, in the FEI's own Aachen preview here on Horsetalk (funny how one has to keep going to New Zealand to read about what some Americans were up to). And of course there were The Chronicle's own Overall Equestrian and Overall Horse of the Year honors that Hart, Kanavy and Pieraz so deservedly won for their respective achievements. We'll mention Cassandra Schuler (gold in 1986) and Danielle Kanavy (1996) as well just because these people should all be recognized in the face of such an incredible oversight by their own top media source.

It's not that the author had to detail US accomplishments as that obviously wasn't the point, or even the scope, of the piece. But to negate everything that happened before Dubai got involved is a bit much. That's not just a run-of-the-mill error, that's a slap in the face to the entire US endurance community, which is why we're addressing it. Actually I'd call that a right walloping upside the head. Ouch. Where did they research that, Wikipedia? Just for kicks I looked it up on Wikipedia, and sure enough:
When first recognized by the FEI, there were only four international competitions. This grew to an average of 18 rides per year by 1998, when the first World Championships were held in the United Arab Emirates.
Make that "the first world championships WITH MONEY," or perhaps the Wiki writer meant the first time the UAE (as opposed to another country) hosted the WEC, the second time being the notorious 2004 worlds when the gold medalist got sent home by the OC rather than have his moment on the podium, in a stunning slap in the face of due process that cast the FEI as the good guy for once.  Wouldn't it be funny if the American Horse Publications recent award winner for "general excellence" is researching the history of equestrian sport on Wikipedia? Not really.

They go on to inform us that riders at the WEG will be covering 100 miles in less than 24 hours. Well yes, that's technically true, but it's a lot less than 24 hours! Like 8 hours less. Isn't that sort of a big difference? With the required minimum speed of 13 km/h over 160 km (= 12.31 hours ride time) plus the intended 200 minutes of holds (= 3.33 hours), you can't possibly get anywhere near a 24 hour total completion time. More like 16 hours (barring adjustments of the minimum speed due to ambient conditions). The longest it's gone in recent memory was around 18 hours for the last rider in Jerez under extraordinary weather/terrain conditions and a minimum speed that was reduced to 10 km/h (and that was eight years ago, literally eons in terms of endurance development). It was about the same in Malaysia in 2008 at 12 km/h when the tropical conditions were so worrisome they raced at night and added a lot of extra hold time (nearly five hours compared to just over three planned in Kentucky). Aachen at 12 km/h also had heavy rain and mud and the last finisher still came in after about 16 hours, including holds. This isn't obscure information (although it's probably not on Wikipedia).

Are there no editors at this magazine? It's starting to look like summer interns run amok. Next thing you know they'll be slapping an erroneous headline on an FEI press release and misinforming likely tens of thousands of people that Sapphire's disqualification from the entire World Cup Final was ruled incorrect. Oh wait, that already happened. And still haven't got it right more than a month later! The media doghouse got really crowded after that cluster, so some are chained up out back, not even allowed into the doghouse.

In some other Fair & BalancedTM type reporting, they have interviewed Nicki Shahinian-Simpson about the very unfortunate Tristan situation, but make no mention of even having contacted the horse's owners for any comment. Because in such matters, there's never another side to the story, right? She probably did get royally screwed, but isn't the reporter's job to reflect investigation of what happened from various angles, as opposed to appearing to accept what one side told them as "the truth"? A simple "The owners had no comment" speaks volumes, and only enhances the rider's credibility (and she was already very credible). Instead we end up sort of doubting when we otherwise wouldn't, because we don't get the feeling another side was even considered.

That's sort of like reprinting a press release from the USEF or FEI as if it's necessarily "the news," as opposed to what these bullshit artists at the organizations want the media and public to believe is "the news." Oh wait. . .

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05 August 2010

Just Read Eventing Nation

Superstar guest writer JER tries out modern pentathlon in the latest from our favorite real media site/comedy challenger. She is a very entertaining writer. Plus Eventing Nation gives us a lot of business so we have to suck up to them.
A heated debate ensues about the siting of the penalty box and as it intensifies, the organizers ask for a show of hands to vote on locations. I don't have an opinion because, until now, I didn't know there was a penalty box or how one ends up in it. But hey, this is Canada and we all know Canadians love a penalty box.
Like JER, our experience with modern pentathlon is limited to watching appalling riding at the Olympics every four years. It's funny when one thinks of all the agony equestrian sport goes through worrying about not being popular enough to stay in the Olympics. Then you think about something like pentathlon, where people who have never done the sport before make it to a national championship and even manage to write funny blog posts about it at the same time, and wonder how they manage to continue to exist at all. But I think these tiniest of sports get a lot of pity votes, because everyone knows if they go out of the Olympics, that's really it for them. There's definitely a bleeding heart vibe there. Pentathlon in particular also has a major legacy element with the Baron de Coubertin connection. Plus they just use everyone else's facilities. What's not to like?

In other news, our constituency has spoken; The Carrot is encouraged to remain underground. Maybe y'all know something we don't. But. . .it would have been so much fun:
The Carrot: So, how'd the meeting go?
Dressage judge: What meeting?
The Carrot: The one where you decided on the placings.
Dressage judge: Security!!!
Just light, harmless fun.

And what happened to the one vote for "Fuck The Carrot?" Somebody voted FTC and then came back a couple days later and changed it!!! WTF? At least make a commitment to it. We're disappointed.

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03 August 2010

More Fun From Eventing Nation

Eventing Nation's guest writer Katie Lindsay has some fun with hunter rider Britifluffy Loganthorne, and I think the funniest bit of all was how offended some people got at this exceptionally appropriate stereotype. Yikes! "We like call them all Juan." Sad, but (nearly) true.

So it looks like The Carrot is being run out of business. Eventing Nation is taking over the comedy market with some truly excellent material (more here). And then we have the USEFEI trying to monopolize the fake news business taking everyone for a ride with their hot steamin' pile o' bullshit press releases about an FEI legal ruling that apparently never even happened (begging the all important question of WHY it was not permitted to happen, and no you can bet  it wasn't about hugs and air kisses at the WEG). Nice! I guess we'll just retire.

Be sure to vote in our WEG poll! Last chance!

The Latest From Parelli

A reader sent us this very funny Parelli movie, by jcherrod. Which reminds us we haven't gotten onto xtranormal yet. Too scared of being sucked into a daylong time waster. But we're thinking about it.

Be sure to vote in our WEG poll!

01 August 2010

Russia Is A Sports Power (and don't you forget it)

The Russia Is A Sports Power (yes, that's really the name of it) international forum has been taking place in Moscow this week. Doping is a naturally a hot topic in advance of Sochi 2014 with the entire Russian nordic ski team facing a blanket ban from their own Olympics if they do not get their act together.

Our good friend Alexander Nevzorov must be beside himself because RIA Novosti reports that HRH has done a deal in Moscow with the Russian sports ministry and the Russian NF to establish a development center there for equestrian sport. Oddly, there was no FEI press release on that. Mr. Nevzorov's petition against said sport presently has nearly 1300 signatures.

Coincidentally we're sure, Russia's equestrian federation president Dmitry Titov was selected by HRH to be on her development task force. And the Russian development center will also be helping other former Soviet nations, each of which happens to hold a vote at the General Assembly. And Russia is also for the progressive list. Wonder what the price tag on this little deal was. Campaigning sure is expensive.

Be sure to vote in our WEG poll!

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Some Pics Don't Even Need A Caption