05 August 2010

Just Read Eventing Nation

Superstar guest writer JER tries out modern pentathlon in the latest from our favorite real media site/comedy challenger. She is a very entertaining writer. Plus Eventing Nation gives us a lot of business so we have to suck up to them.
A heated debate ensues about the siting of the penalty box and as it intensifies, the organizers ask for a show of hands to vote on locations. I don't have an opinion because, until now, I didn't know there was a penalty box or how one ends up in it. But hey, this is Canada and we all know Canadians love a penalty box.
Like JER, our experience with modern pentathlon is limited to watching appalling riding at the Olympics every four years. It's funny when one thinks of all the agony equestrian sport goes through worrying about not being popular enough to stay in the Olympics. Then you think about something like pentathlon, where people who have never done the sport before make it to a national championship and even manage to write funny blog posts about it at the same time, and wonder how they manage to continue to exist at all. But I think these tiniest of sports get a lot of pity votes, because everyone knows if they go out of the Olympics, that's really it for them. There's definitely a bleeding heart vibe there. Pentathlon in particular also has a major legacy element with the Baron de Coubertin connection. Plus they just use everyone else's facilities. What's not to like?

In other news, our constituency has spoken; The Carrot is encouraged to remain underground. Maybe y'all know something we don't. But. . .it would have been so much fun:
The Carrot: So, how'd the meeting go?
Dressage judge: What meeting?
The Carrot: The one where you decided on the placings.
Dressage judge: Security!!!
Just light, harmless fun.

And what happened to the one vote for "Fuck The Carrot?" Somebody voted FTC and then came back a couple days later and changed it!!! WTF? At least make a commitment to it. We're disappointed.

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