03 August 2010

More Fun From Eventing Nation

Eventing Nation's guest writer Katie Lindsay has some fun with hunter rider Britifluffy Loganthorne, and I think the funniest bit of all was how offended some people got at this exceptionally appropriate stereotype. Yikes! "We like call them all Juan." Sad, but (nearly) true.

So it looks like The Carrot is being run out of business. Eventing Nation is taking over the comedy market with some truly excellent material (more here). And then we have the USEFEI trying to monopolize the fake news business taking everyone for a ride with their hot steamin' pile o' bullshit press releases about an FEI legal ruling that apparently never even happened (begging the all important question of WHY it was not permitted to happen, and no you can bet  it wasn't about hugs and air kisses at the WEG). Nice! I guess we'll just retire.

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