30 August 2010

Some Spicy RK vs. LDR Commentary

The talented artist Michelle Guillot continues to impress with her biting satire:
Copyright Michelle Guillot

There are also French and German versions at the Horses For Life Facebook page.  None in Dutch, apparently. Here's another one she did last year that I thought was pretty funny. Assuming you're not the target, of course. We try to be equal opportunity offenders here.
Copyright Michelle Guillot

In some related news, I was on the horseandcountry.tv site recently and started reading an article on Anky vs. Astrid, which sounded really familiar. That's because I had already read it last week, when it was originally published by...Horsetalk! Plagiarize much?

Eurodressage reported today news from horses.nl that the Party for the Animals has posed questions from the Dutch House of Commons to various ministers regarding LDR, alleged rollkur, alleged nasty emails from chefs d'√©quipe, and what have you. That is...hilarious. This is the kind of spectacle only a political party-proliferating parliamentary system can provide; those elsewhere are truly deprived. I'm sure this is just what the FEI had in mind when they redefined and banned "it"! Well done! Too bad the Dutch taxpayers have nowhere to send the bill.

PR debacles much?