21 August 2010

The Problem With Bute Is...

It's a gateway drug. Next thing you know they're "smoking drugs and drinking." I found this hilarious book, circa 1991, while looking for funny horse pics to send to the phenomenal new comedy site that everyone is talking about, HaHaHorses, brought to you by the fun kids over at Eventing Nation.

It's worth a visit to a fun blog started by real live librarians (now there's an attention getting phrase!) called Awful Library Books to read the comments. The purported author is, shall we say, a bit peeved that people are making fun of her fantastic contribution to the Just Say Neigh literary canon. The author also boldly threatens says there's a sequel in the works (as of January 2010):
"You keep laughing. You really will laugh when you see Latawnya The Naughty Horse Two. It will be released soon."
Some more comments:
"With copies of this book going from $65 to $125 on Amazon, sell it and make a donation to the drug free horse alliance."
"laugh it up guys but if this keeps just one horse off meth it's worth it"
If that's not enough of a time waster for you, there's actually a dramatic reading of this apparent cult favorite on YouTube.

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