17 August 2010

"Fans Flock To Lexington, KY For Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games"

That's a real headline from a recent Marriott press release because of course when the nicest hotel in town is fully booked because they priced their rooms appropriately, they always need some last minute PR acts of desperation just to let everyone know about it. Seriously though, we've seen some great room rates pop up lately (OK so one was a Motel 6), so if you wanted to go to the WEG, but were aghast at the room prices, be sure look around some more, especially for places not affiliated with Short's Travel because there's definitely a markup there. And of course there's that great "sale" on ticket prices, a sale which probably should have happened right after the European Championships at Windsor. Because everyone knows $45 for an endurance race is completely ridiculous. It doesn't matter if it's a world championship. Even for $25 you really need to throw in free parking and all the Pepsi and Papa John's cardboard folks can choke down, or it's still way too ridiculous.

In exciting news, as further indication of the harmony between the FEI and USEF, a statue bust of HRH has been erected at the Kentucky Horse Park in commemoration of all those who did not get busted during her witch hunt term. It hasn't been officially unveiled yet but using our excellent network of contacts we managed to sneak a peek.

Already a crowd has gathered in anticipation to put their own mark on the occasion.
Fans flock to Lexington for Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

I asked the artist, "Why Molly Malone? I thought she was a fish monger by day and. . ."

"No," he replied. "'Twas bute and bullshit that one was on about, bute and bullshit. But you should never question great art. Simply behold it."

OK, whatev. Sure hope nobody's been stumbling drunk around Dublin lately being told to take a left at the Tart With A Cart, 'cause she's left town. In a reciprocal gesture recognizing this gift from the Emerald Isle, the state of Kentucky sent two drunken Irish farriers back to where they came from. Horses throughout the area applauded. Or would have, if they had hands.

Many thanks to the exceptionally funny Mr Spud O'Reilly.