17 August 2010

Time For Your Bute, Kids!

The FEI NSAID congress concludes today, the full 80+ page program is on the FEI website. We lowly mortals can also send our thoughts on the issue via nsaidcongress2010 at fei.org, which is pretty cool.

I'm not necessarily anti-NSAIDs (except in combination!), but the issues in Europe need to be carefully considered and whether what is appropriate and desirable for some disciplines is appropriate and desirable for all (most notably endurance) does not appear to have even been considered the first time around. And then of course there was the pesky issue of blatantly violating the FEI constitution (pp 40, 38) to ram it through, that people in favor largely turned a blind eye to. We HATE it when that happens. It also seems to still be largely a debate between zero tolerance and the progressive list, which is a pretty big leap. I'd like to think that a middle ground, that gets rid of sanctions for these infinitessimal positives that are so far below any possible therapeutic level, is a valid option, without allowing administration so close to competition if that ultimately proves untenable to stakeholders.

This genuine piece of artwork was published last winter, and I think it's not only a brilliant bit of commentary but also very beautifully done. The artist is Michelle Guillot, who does wonderful animal portraits and also did a very amusing take on modern dressage.

This can be freely republished but please credit the artist, who retains copyright.