22 August 2010

Nominations For Carrot Horse Of The Year Pour In

(everything's relative)

The innovative notion of a Horse of the Year award to honor the FEI Nation's biggest star of 2010 has proven extremely popular around the world. So far we have received six nominations for Sapphire, two for Totilas, two for sentimental favorite Oki Doki, one for Zekina Z, a rather touching tribute to Parzival, and one nomination for interweb sensation Ed, The Naughty Pony.

Unfortunately a quick check reveals that Ed, The Naughty Pony, is not registered with the FEI, so we're not sure we can accept that nomination. We'll have to consult our Senior Legal Advisor but the nominator of Ed, The Naughty Pony, should rest assured that the decision will be rendered in full compliance with The Carrot bylaws and with the utmost transparency. We think it's important to set a good example, in case anybody at [name your sports federation] might be reading.

Please continue to nominate even those listed, especially if you have a funny reasoning for your choice, since that's how you sway the judges here (bribes are only possible elsewhere).

Ponies are naughty. Who knew? About a week ago this thing had like 30,000 hits, now it's 275,000+!


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