09 December 2009

Next To Get Sacked By The FEI

Lisa Lazarus: We're sorry but this poor woman looked like a deer in the headlamps the whole time at the Clean Sport forum. They really should tell people what they're getting themselves into before they move them to a foreign country only to find out they have been conned.

Alex McLin: Far too unmotivated by anything but money to get himself fired.

John Roche: How this hothead has managed to last this long under Haya's reign of terror we will never understand. And even got selected to be on an "ethics" panel! That is rich.

Catrin Norinder: It's her life; we'll leave her alone.

Graeme Cooke: Earnest, appears well meaning. Made the mistake of answering a simple question honestly at the Clean Sport forum. This might not end well.

Fran├žois Luther: Will be there until he dies. That rollkur hate mail must be keeping him very busy.

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