30 January 2010

Some Extremely Appropriate "Rebranding" By BSJA

Readers outside the UK might not have heard that the much-loved and never-maligned British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) has, um, re-branded itself. It is now...BS. Yes, really.  British Showjumpingalloneword. Just like Bull Shit, except that's two words. As if British show jumping didn't have enough problems. It's too bad BSJA weren't American, then it could've been USBS. Wait, that makes no sense.

The "branding experts" call this "user-friendliness." Marketing people...sigh. Apparently these geniuses felt that consistency with the much-loved and never-maligned British Dressage (BD) and the much-loved and never-maligned British Eventing (BE) was paramount. The Carrot begs to differ. What is amusing is that they have taken something that they themselves considered two words all along and made it one word, all to come in line with BD and BE at the expense of being forever mocked as Bull Shit. And now they insist it was one word all along.  Bullshit!

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