25 February 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up, Part II

Are the Olympics ready for...Pole Dancing?
IOC recognition is only a matter of time, say the sport's advocates
"'There will be a day when the Olympics see pole dancing as a sport,' she said.

'The Olympic community needs to acknowledge the number of people doing pole fitness now. We're shooting for 2012.'"
The Carrot avers that a large percentage of the IOC membership are highly supportive of pole dancing already! But we think in this case they'd like to not mix business with pleasure.

"Pole dance advocates note that more unlikely sports have gotten the IOC's nod.

Tug of war, for example, was one of the early Olympic medal contests. Equestrian events are in the Olympics, but who owns a horse?"
Probably more people than own a stripper pole?
"But some pole dancers worry the sensual side of pole dancing, and its counterculture undertones, would be destroyed in an effort to clean it up for the Olympics."
You can't make this stuff up is looking like it will become a regular feature on The Carrot. It sure does save us time.

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