16 March 2010

Hallelujah! European Equestrian Federation To Propose Candidate For FEI Presidency

As reported by the intrepid St. Georg a while ago, but ignored in the English-language press and only recently translated with 100 per cent accuracy by Google, the EEF have indicated the intent to put forward a candidate to challenge Princess Haya in her misguided bid for a second presidential term. And here we thought it was a two-horse race between the lesser of two evils.

Dubya is going to have to get busy, y'all. He hasn't even put forth his dictatorial presidential Manifesto yet. The Carrot will naturally wait to see who the Europeans come up with before officially endorsing a candidate.
"Also if yet no names fell, be might already the search for a European candidate, that is ready to begin in the autumn against FEI Präsidentin Haya, in full gear. The wife of the Dubai sheikh Mohammed Maktoum can above all on the voices from Africa, count Asia and South America. 'Our candidate may no coward be,' says [Hanfried] Haring. 'For Haya not so quickly will abandon.'"
"The FEI welcomes this development," said FEI President Princess Haya.

The political shenanigans between Haya's attempted re-election and the re-proposal of the progressive list promise to be fascinating. And just how much money is Sheikh Mohammed willing to spend to get his junior wife re-elected and keep her sufficiently busy to prevent her becoming a political problem at home?

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