22 March 2010

The Latest From Nag & Dog

A nondescript but much-loved pony near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire suffered a nasty cut on his foreleg today. This was promptly stitched up by his capable veterinarian and he is expected to make a full recovery with perhaps a slight scar. No roads were blocked, no rescuers were called, no horrified onlookers gathered. His little girl did not even cry. But the pony did suffer some emotional distress, and we just thought the entire UK and even all of the interwebs should know about it. If it bleeds, it leads! In future, every horse and pony in the UK will be featured in Nag & Dog for 15 minutes. But we'll leave the tough issues for the general public to tackle*.

*As long as they don't do it on our forum.

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