23 April 2010

As If The FEI Doesn't Have Enough Problems

Please give a warm underground welcome to Felicity Foxhunter, who came to our attention shortly after we had posted about the Rolex ranking thing. Turns out Felicity was on the story well before us, we just have such an enormous backlog of material here at The Carrot we hadn't been able to get to it. We haven't even got out our Youth Edition which was scheduled for Easter time. Just too many damn clusterfucks going on. And certain organisations have been behaving so badly they did the unthinkable which was to put us off comedy altogether for awhile. That's when you know it's really, really bad.

So felicitations to Felicity, who we're sure will be greatly enhancing the equestrian media landscape. Well done Horsetalk out of New Zealand, which is really a must-read no matter where you are in the world, especially if you are sadly consigned to the English language for your equestrian news.

Felicity's identity remains a mystery however if you are wondering who The Carrot is, and we know some folks in London are now full-on obsessed with it although not using Hill and Knowlton's IP so we can't be 100 per cent certain who they are, we may as well be Mickey Mouse for all it matters. We are just The Public, watching the show both in and out of the arena. So don't waste your time, silly monkeys, there's nothing you can do to us except cry to Google. But we'll stay underground because if we wanted to be fed bullshit, we'd become journalists and get paid for it. The soil is much more fertile for growing Carrots down here. We did actually get fed some bullshit recently, which was unprecedented and totally unacceptable.

If you manage Swedish, you probably already read the bold (at least from what we can make out of a surprisingly good online Swedish translator) Häst, which appears to have also taken exception to the ranking list silliness and maybe struck a nerve because the article is no longer there. Perhaps that was their choice but somehow we doubt it. Hope no one has come to any bodily harm there in Sweden. They were onto us before anybody, very progressive people, the Swedish. Excellent country. On the plus side, the ranking buffoonery provided some great Carrot fertiliser, so it's all good from this end.
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