27 April 2010

SportAccord Convention Under Way In Dubai

The SportAccord convention is taking place this week in Dubai, its organising committee headed up by our illustrious President of the Geneva Ground Jury FEI president Princess Haya. This is a must-attend event for everyone who is anyone in the world of international sport. HRH has spent a great deal of time putting together a fantastic meeting for all the movers and shakers in the Olympic movement, with a wide selection of informational sessions highlighting the annual gathering. On the programme this year:

  • Witchcraft in International Sport: How to Spot It

  • Bogus Disqualifications: Not Just for Dubai Anymore!

  • Statutes, What Statutes? How to Ram a Rule Change Through the General Assembly

  • Advanced Public Relations: Maintaining a Personality Cult Amongst Countless Disasters

  • No Officiating Licence? No Problem! How to Usurp the Authority of Event Officials, From Course Design to Veterinary

  • The Magic of Turning Surpluses into Deficits Overnight When Your Husband Gave You Plenty of Money to Play With

  • How to Manufacture a Doping Crisis

  • Destroying a Sport Altogether: A Step-by-Step Plan

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