30 May 2010

HRH Publishes Campaign Manifesto

Responding to pressure from other candidates' publication of their presidential intentions, HRH has put out her ambitious re-election campaign manifesto via a very transparent FEI news release:

Further to presidential recognition at the 2009 FEI General Assembly in Copenhagen that re-election might not be guaranteed, a Development Task Force has been established. The FEI president has transparently selected herself to chair the new Task Force, whose members have been selected for their different geographical vote-getting abilities. And then, oddly, there's Ludger Beerbaum.

The Development Task Force members are: Dmitry Titov (RUS), President of the Russian Equestrian Federation; Ho Nai Yue (SIN), President of the Asian Equestrian Federation; Betty Wates, Vice President of the Jamaican Equestrian Federation; Pablo Mayorga (ARG), FEI Executive Board member; Kim Gueho (MRI), Secretary General of the Mauritius Equestrian Federation; Manoj Jalan (IND), member of the Indian National Sports Development Fund and Ludger Beerbaum (GER), sport representative whose purpose is to ensure that all developing nations recognise the need to also vote for the progressive list in addition to HRH's re-election.

The mandate for the Development Task Force is:

1. To evaluate the mandate for and composition of a future Development Committee;

2. To evaluate the operation of the Development Committee and supporting structures within the FEI;

3. To examine possible financial models to create a sustainable Development Programme in order to identify solutions which will best serve our National Federations and our sport (translation: determine who will get what amounts of cash in exchange for what);

4. To identify immediate operational priorities for development, including the creation of a five-year development plan. (translation: find out whose votes are hardest to get)

The Development Task Force will recommend a commonly agreed Mission Statement for the FEI Development Programme for approval by the FEI Bureau and the General Assembly.

"As chair of this new Development Task Force, I am honoured to have transparently selected myself so that I get all the credit, and to be working with such an inspirational and motivated group of people to ensure my re-election," FEI President Princess Haya said. "They have the ability to make a huge difference to the development of equestrian sport and we all recognise that it is now (finally) time to move to the next level with our development plans so that I can get the votes of all the developing countries despite not having followed through with all the bullshit I promised for my first term. Vote for me!"

In related news, the National Federations of Russia, Singapore, Jamaica, Argentina, Mauritius, and India have officially endorsed HRH's candidacy. Germany remains undecided.

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