24 June 2010

Henk Rottinghuis Is Fabulous

The website of FEI presidential candidate Henk Rottinghuis (NED) is up and running, and he even linked to the Carrot, like we're a real news source or something. FABULOUS! We like a candidate with a sense of humor. It looks like HRH's latest PR team there at Good Relations noticed the link as well. Maybe they are handling HRH's attempted re-election whereas the crew at Hill and Knowlton seems more crisis oriented, focusing more on eg, the Morrissey cluster. Or maybe the latter agency just liked reading the Carrot on an April Sunday afternoon along with the FEI and USEF, in the interest of managing a PR crisis horse welfare. Good times!

This is better than when we got a press release from NOGOE, just like we were the real media or something. The Carrot felt badly for not coming up with anything on Greenwich but we'll keep trying. Ideas always welcome!

Other than a link to the professional survey Mr. Rottinghuis sent to all the national federations and affiliate organizations, we don't see anything newly published on the site that we haven't already linked to, other than his contact details. But the survey company promises to have the results ready by July 14. Efficient. Informative. Open. Professional. We like it.

Always on top of all things Swedish (and HRH-related), Hastmagazinet reported that Dear Leader's other challenger Sven Holmberg gave an interview to tabloid from hell Expressen. Unfortunately like most things Swedish, it's in Swedish so no one else can read it. However TranStar, which is the  Carrot's Official Swedish-to-English Translation Partner, tells us he emphasizes that he is not a princess. This is indeed a plus however we must note that Henk Rottinghuis is also not a princess.  What else ya got?

Mr. Holmberg recently traveled to China on behalf of the FEI (and Rolex), to sell watches see about a World Cup League there.  Interesting. In related news, here's a recent Australian news item about an upcoming international horse fair in China. And as we noted awhile back Meydan is building a giant horse city near Tianjin. Everybody wants some of that. As long as they don't do this to the horses, it's all good.

In the interest of keeping up with the transparency game and salvaging her presidency, HRH is to be fitted with an "ear-cam" at all future major events, so the public can see just who is manipulating her aural orifice. The footage will be broadcast live on FEI TV. Whether or not audio is to be included is still under discussion.

Since transparency is all the rage, HRH will also be publishing a list of all her personal heroes and other cohorts on the FEI website, so all riders are fully informed and can be sure to stay in the good graces of anyone who might be able to influence her to do something totally wacky. Like retroactively eliminate and disqualify a perfectly sound horse on "welfare" grounds even as an unfortunate Swiss creature, "crippled since Tuesday" in the words of Rodrigo Pessoa, is allowed to pass inspection.

As you can see we're fresh out of material here until she does something else crazy!

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