13 July 2010

Henk Rottinghuis: The Movie

We were thinking that FEI dark horse candidate Henk Rottinghuis (NED) really needed to post some videos on his website, so that people can feel they are getting to know him more than they would just by reading what he has to say. Et voilĂ :

The more videos the better; we hope when he has digested the results of his survey he will comment on different issues in further video clips.  In order to want to vote for him people need to hear him speak. We are particularly interested in learning more about the consolidation of the Dutch federation and what he might have learned from that process. He has also posted an English translation of a Hoefslag article about his candidacy, and was interviewed by Phelps Sports (subscription required). Here are some of his policy and management ideas.

Sven Holmberg has formally sent out his platform to the NFs, as reported by dressage-news.com, which has been a great source for election news, and further elaborated by Horsetalk, another great source of election news. (what has now gone to the NFs looks to be the same thing published on his website and passed around by email in May). And we would love to see a video from him as well, even though the FEI Nation already knows him far more than Mr. Rottinghuis. Mr. Holmberg is keen on the FEI restructuring but like many at last year's General Assembly appears to take issue with prior efforts. Readers may recall the last attempted FEI restructuring was shot down in Copenhagen 49-48, well short of the two-thirds majority required to amend the Statutes. That proposal (summary here) was the work of Princess Haya, FEI Secretary General Alex McLin (USA), Gerardo Werthein (ARG), John Long (USA), François Mathy (BEL), and Martien van den Heuvel (NED). But last-minute, inflammatory changes not done in accordance with the statutory procedure sealed its fate.

We must commend both candidates for their openness with the general equestrian public in discussing their ideas. We vaguely recall the 2006 Edition of HRH Princess Haya starting this modern and wonderful trend with a dedicated election website (there wasn't nearly so much interest back then so it wasn't that widely circulated.) So there, The Carrot has complimented HRH.

Great now I'm probably going to get fired.

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