28 February 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Aussie Version

Some crazy people "abandoned" a fake horse in someone's paddock, just for fun. Then the fake horse got eaten by a fake crocodile. True story:

"While Ms. Mahoney and her family were amused by the sudden appearance of the new horse, [their real horse] McBeal became positively enamoured with the fibreglass creature, nuzzling and necking it until it fell over.

'Then I came out two days later and he had been moved to a different section of the paddock, and someone had put a fly-veil over his head.'

She matched the antics by throwing a red rug over it, leaving it where it stood.

Two days later the horse was replaced with a 4m crocodile. 'The croc had the horse rug stuffed down its throat and was meant to look like it had eaten the horse,' she said.

Ms. Mahoney had been concerned the fake horse had belonged to someone and had reported its location to Hastings police."
No word on how the real horse dealt with the tragic and gory loss of its fake companion.

You can't make this stuff up.

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