18 February 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Because sometimes, you just can't improve upon reality, The Carrot has found the greatest petition of all, to ban all equestrianism, with over 440 signatures since 9 February. From this guy's website:
"What does Alexander do, if not riding? What about Haute Ecole?

[Nevzorov Haute Ecole] is developing, new knowledge is coming, old knowledge is being rethought, values are being revalued. Now Alexander teaches the horses Latin. Details will be available very soon, when the new film is ready."
No, we're not kidding. You really just read that. Now that is classical! New FEI rule: Latin lessons for everybody, to precede the warm-up!

Perhaps something got lost in translation.

We will be watching the FEI closely to see at what point this particular movement reaches critical mass. Should the FEI ban equestrian sport? Stay tuned!

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