01 April 2010

It's That Time Of Year

It's finally April, and you know what that means...Badminton and Kentucky! The Carrot correspondents will be on the scene this year, so don't do anything stupid or we might write about it! They are combining British Eventing's Grassroots Festival with Badminton which sounds great, but might prove even scarier than your typical BE90, or slightly less so; take your pick either way you're in for a treat. And rumour has it snipers will be hiding out at Kentucky ready to take out any loose dogs lest there is a repeat of last year's incident. At least Badders has a crèche, perhaps they can get the Pooch Paddock to set up at Kentucky.

Maybe these events just need better signage:

PSA: Cinders, the mysophobic piglet, reminds everyone:

In some terrific news, you will be able to watch the Badminton cross country on Horse & Country TV. This site seems to have struggled getting off the ground but hopefully it is turning the corner. They are putting up some great content so be sure to check it out. If you want to know everything about what's happening at Kentucky, or even things we haven't seen anywhere else like write-ups of training sessions with American chef d'équipe Mark Phillips, be sure to visit Eventing Nation.
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