01 April 2010

Illegal Alien Horses Jump US Border, Assert Rightful Place In Olympic Family

O, Caballos Sin Fronteras

According to reports, wild horses approached and lured horses out of their pastures at the OK Corral.
OK that was the real part. This is still causing Sprout a mental double take because you can't make this stuff up. A herd of illegal alien horses jumped the US border, recruited some locals and started running down a San Diego highway, then infiltrated the US Olympic Training Center, being chased by the US Border Patrol, among others. Seriously. Clearly the US is dedicated to controlling its frontiers against rampaging, undocumented equines. They probably don't even have passports!

Another concerned caller said "those horses have entered the Olympic training compound."
Cue ominous music!

The illegal alien equines have not yet been deported pending receipt of veterinary care, but we're told Lou Dobbs is on the case to make sure that no US taxpayers foot the bill for their irresponsible undocumented escapades.

One theory going around early was that the alien horses were sick of their environs and came to the USA for "a better life." This was somewhat perplexing given the recent reverse flow of immigration due to the USA's poor economic situation. But surprisingly, the herd made a move for the Olympic Training Center, rallied around the flag pole and demanded assurance from the USOC that horses would continue to be a part of the Olympic Games. Until their leader was apprehended by a real live cowboy from the OK Corral, and the party was over. This just gets better and better, doesn't it? This almost entirely really happened. We are only embellishing it just a little bit. You just have to read/watch it for yourself.

Thanks to The Horse and their wonderful Weird Horse News for alerting us to the border infiltration.

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