05 April 2010

A Message From The Horse In The FEI Logo

Look, it's been five years since I was introduced as the FEI's new "corporate identity," and now it's five days past when the new rules guidelines were supposed to be out, and I've had it.  I've still got my chin pinned to my chest as if rollkur hasn't even been banned or anything. Don't be fooled by the clever graphics; it's an optical illusion that makes it look like my face is at the vertical. That's what it's all about these days, fancy photography!   Look at my chin!  Look at the neck!  What the hell is that?  Don't you people think it's time you brought Old Dobbin back up, for fuck's sake?

Two out of ten FEI Chief Stewards even agreed that five years does meet the threshold of "excessive or prolonged" hyperflexion, despite regretting they had no real authority to do anything about it.  The judges were strangely not available for this survey. And my neck is killing me, can't I get some bute around here?  Somebody help me!!!

The Fédération Equestre Internationale: We like rollkur LDR so much, we put it in our logo!

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