26 June 2010

More Drama In The Anti-Rollkur Scene!

Horses & Sports reported Thursday (sorry it's in German) that Dr. Gerd Heuschmann has resigned his No. 2 position in the Xenophon society. This follows his very public, very messy break-up with Philippe Karl. However Dr. Heuschmann has not been cast out of the society and remains a regular member. We suspected that his willingness to compromise with the enemy at the February meeting met with resistance from others who do not accept a step-by-step approach, but a very nice insider has now informed us we have no idea what we are talking about. It's just that on the basis of his comments following the conference we thought the guy might have been brainwashed. His assessment of it just didn't jibe with anything else we read from anyone in the "anti" camp, which was basically "this is total BS." But perhaps he was just being diplomatic. That makes sense.

But there are also potentially scandalous rumors afoot about Dr. Heuschmann and Rollkur Barbie, fueled when her press rep, Phelps Media Group, insisted the two are "just friends" following the latest clinic Dr. Heuschmann conducted at RKB's place in Wellington, Florida. Probably she planted the rumor as she tries desperately to rehabilitate her image. That plastic minx is always up to something.