28 June 2010

Nevzorov Photography Contest of Crazy

Our good friend Alexander Nevzorov is at it again with a photography contest called "Unmasking equestrian sport." The purpose of this initiative is aimed at "instituting criminal proceedings against equestrian sport." Yes, really.
To help competitors, Nevzorov Haute Ecole is preparing a photo guide called "The cruelty of equestrian sport: types, methods, and the nature of the cruel treatment of horses. Documentary Photographic Evidence."
You don't need to wait for the special guide, he's looking for pictures of horses with severed fetlocks running down a racetrack and the like. I found this out the hard way while perusing his website. Learn from my mistake.

Meanwhile an "expert psychiatrist" has claimed that watching Mr. Nevzorov's new film is actually hazardous to one's health. And here we thought laughter was the best natural tonic. Mr. Nevzorov responded by claiming the shrink must have been sampling some psychotropic drugs when he viewed it. Not sure who wins this particular Contest of Crazy. The translation is rough but we especially like "Internet-public is greedily rubbing its hands."

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