04 July 2010

BFFs USEF and FEI Back On!

The USEFEI is back in full force, for the good of the sport USEF's continued influence in the FEI if HRH gets re-elected and they know what's good for them. Contrary to what you will read all over the internet, Sapphire is still disqualified from the World Cup Final (this is not fake news) because sorry, read the press release, the FEI did not rule that the finding of hypersensitivity was incorrect, or that her disqualification from the rest of the event was incorrect. They only ruled said that her extra, extra wacky, retroactive WTF elimination from the second class of the event was incorrect. That's different!  Meaning, you can't say the horse is OK to jump, then determine her to be unfit AFTER she jumps and take her prize money away after the fact as if she didn't have the right to jump to start with. As everyone already knew. That's ALL the FEI has admitted they did wrong. They still maintain they were correct to DQ her from the rest of the event for hypersensitivity. And that, of course, is still bullshit.

However, the former BFFs have decided to agree to disagree on the hypersensitivity finding and continued disqualification, and gotten back together. Otherwise USEF would be totally screwed if HRH wins in November and it's just not worth it given that even if they won the DQ appeal in the CAS (longshot), there would be no practical effect.

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