20 July 2010

Henk Rottinghuis Is Very Businesslike

In fact, we're stunned and even gobsmacked at the businesslike-ness of this gentleman. He said he'd have his survey results in the middle of July, and sure enough, here they are on his website. How is this possible?

Interesting to read NF comments. Especially: "The events in Hong Kong could have been avoided." Exactly, we've been saying that for two years. Or for as long as the Carrot has existed. Then you have this huge over the top incredibly expensive overreaction to what was essentially a faux crisis, that can never undo the damage done to the sport. And no accountability whatsoever for the tragically misguided decision making at the top.

More on Mr. Rottinghuis' survey from Around the Rings. Actually ATR just reprinted the KNHS press release, but in this case we're detecting a very low BS quotient of less than 10%, so it might be OK. In any case we're pleased that Ed Hula and Co. are even slightly interested in this little FEI election thing, so we thought we'd send a tiny amount of traffic to their website. Here's another article on the survey from Horsetalk. And we must say shame on the shocking 72% of national federations who did not even bother to participate in Mr. Rottinghuis' survey. What's that saying? You get the government you deserve. Here's somebody trying (apparently at his personal expense) to figure out what YOU want done, to help YOU, and. . .you guys just suck, really.

Lest we seem biased or something, we should include equal coverage of all the campaigns, but that's unlikely to happen. Dubya of course still needs to get his rear in gear with the belated launch of his manifesto which we might have to make a movie about. Readers may have heard that HRH was recently campaigning hard on a development tour in the Caribbean. Here she is in Trinidad and Tobago:

And hello to the good people there at Good Relations, since they are always so keen to read what we have to say about Mr. Rottinghuis.

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