16 July 2010

Princess Haya Expands Team Harmony

Returning to our intended specialty of creating the fake news, rather than explaining fake news from other sources, HRH Princess Haya has added to her Team Harmony string of international show jumpers. The Carrot has learned exclusively of the exciting and surely expensive purchase of Jane Richard's intriguing World Cup ride, Zekina Z. Renowned since Geneva for her ability to pass any veterinary inspection despite having been crippled since Tuesday, Zekina is sure to be a valuable contributor to Team Harmony, an initiative of the late King Hussein of Jordan.

No word yet on who will get the ride on the stoic creature, is it possible that HRH has a "comeback" in mind for 2012? This chestnut mare's extraordinary potential to withstand all conceivable veterinary scrutiny will no doubt help the princess in any last minute quest to earn her FEI Certificate of crash-and-burn Capability.

After a pricey name change on her passport, the mare will henceforth compete under the name Team Harmony Crippled Since Tuesday, to serve as a veritable mascot of HRH's strong commitment to protecting horse welfare at all major FEI events.

special belated thanks to Penelope Popover!

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