12 September 2010

Sunday at the Movies

Xtranormal.com has officially taken over the FEI Nation, or at least the dressage end of it, with offerings for everyone no matter what camp they're in. We're just going to post all the ones we've seen and offend everyone at once. The brilliant Ilovethecarrot started this magnificent trend with the antics of FEI president Dubya, and we'll be sure to publish Ilovethecarrot's next opus which should be coming along any day now, from that cinematic hotbed Afghanistan to you.

Now Showing at the Rollkur Circusplex 6, Suitable for Almost the Whole Family with Free Popcorn!

Theater 1: WEG News Farce, by Dressagefortherestofus
Carrot Rating ***
I love this news format, and the part where they plug the sponsor product is hysterical: "Sounds like quite the innovation for today's equestrian lady." Then they debate pro vs. anti: "Jane, you ignorant slut..."  Hope to see these guys again during the W-E-G!

Theater 2: Larry King Interviews Astrid Appels, by KroketjeMet
Carrot Rating ***
Brilliant, nice to see the political backdrop get some air time. "Journalist and blogger" (lol) Sarah Palin was an inspired choice! Or, knowing xtranormal, perhaps the only choice...

Theater 3: Dressage Queen, by Dressagefortherestofus
Carrot Rating ***
This one has been a smashing success. It grew on me, I think some bigwigs didn't get it and that made it funnier. I love that she's a real queen and everything. Definitely some choice bits here.

Theater 4: Larry King Interviews Gerd Heuschmann and Klaus Balkenhol, by KroketjeMet
Carrot Rating **
This one has some moments. I love Napoleon! And Klaus as the police officer inexplicably in front of the Bird's Nest, for some reason that's funny.

Theater 5: FEI TV Today by Tongueincheek
Carrot Rating **
I like this one even though the Dutch lady is often unintelligible. "And of course PAP LDR is still the same LDR you know and love." "You just have to be careful that no one takes a picture or video...or they will publish it, and will even cut your head off."

Theater 6: The State of Dressage, by nooyawkmint
Carrot Rating **
These harmless, lovable characters touch on discipline demographics: "Will the petitions stop them too?"