27 February 2010

Someone New Put In Charge Of Some BS

The aptly re-named BS (British Showjumping allonewordnow, see the story on that here) has appointed a new high performance manager (that's coach/technical advisor/chef d'√©quipe for our American friends). British Equestrian Federation world class performance director Will Connell told Horse and Hound, "[Rob Hoekstra] was the best man for the job and is not part of the British system so will be able give it a new purpose."

And that says it all, folks..."not part of the British system so will be able to give it a new purpose." Thank you, Bull Shit, we hope that actual winning might prove to be a part of that new purpose. Terrible shame about that Nations' Cup thing. And let's keep some horses in the country; that would be super.

The Carrot is of an age that could never have imagined a day when we'd be pining for the glory days of British show jumping (two words). But actually we feel this is an excellent choice and wish all the best to Mr. Hoekstra, because the organisation is really BS.

More on this story from BS directly and More Than The Games.

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