18 May 2010

Horse and Hound Grows A Pair (We Like It)

Publishing an article by Pippa Cuckson, Horse and Hound has gotten a bit saucy about the FEI presidential election. We didn't know they had it in them.

Asked about the election Princess Haya told H&H:
"An election that focuses on ways to strengthen,
improve and unify our federation is good for the
FEI and our sport."

Readers may recall HRH putting forth to the NFs an election "Manifesto." And the rest is history, thank you Simon Brooks-Ward. It disappeared from just about everywhere online, we can't imagine why (see prior story). But the reliably saucy Aussies still have a copy posted even though it's barely readable.

It's great that Sven Holmberg has already published an outline of his intentions. We haven't had a chance to read it yet and it's probably just a bunch of vague bullshit but at least he didn't call it a "Manifesto." But that it is published at all is modern. This is good. Progress has been made.

There's also contact information on there for Mr. Holmberg so you can ask him really important questions like, "Do you think it's appropriate for the FEI president to be meeting with officials in the middle of a major event and where is that role stated in the president's job description?" (see prior story)

No word yet on if HRH will recycle her old Manifesto or if the comedy gods will bless us with a new one. She did sort of promise not to screw anything else up: "My goal now is a period of calm to build on the progress we have made together."  Somehow, we're not convinced. Especially because that comment was published on March 31 and then there was that little World Cup thing just two weeks later. And somehow, we doubt all that money is going to NOT try to get endurance into the Olympics regardless of what discipline has to be sacrificed. Best to wait until you get a second term for that. Heads: eventing, tails: dressage!

Here's a funny related bit about online translations from Horsetalk. We also look forward to hearing what that saucy minx Felicity Foxhunter has to say about the election.

Not much is out there about the third candidate Henk Rottinghuis, maybe having a third was a strategic move or else it's not all unity and sunshine on the Continent. Dressage-news.com did put out some biographical info on him when it was announced.

From Horse and Hound:
Stressing the need for "transparent" governance, [Rottinghuis] said: "Our sport should be inclusive for all and remain relevant in a modern world in which the balance of power is shifting to new continents."
This is a very promising statement for a European to make. Because that balance of power thing, yeah, that already happened, McLain Ward notwithstanding. Pssst . . . don't tell the Americans!

Here's the math on that:

A = crazy, gullible FEI president
B = A's strong anti-Europeanism/solid alliance with USA (didn't anyone notice?)
C = Euro-sourced gossip with predictable anti-American undercurrent, the World Cup being a conspicuous European stronghold
D = American rider gets screwed
A + B + C = D, but B and C cancel each other out
So you have A = D
crazy, gullible FEI president = American rider gets screwed (but not because he's American)

Alternative equestrian equations:
fit horse + cheating rumor + crazy, gullible FEI president = unfit horse
fit horse + cheating rumor - crazy, gullible FEI president = nobody gets screwed
crazy, gullible FEI president = anything can happen!

Math is great, isn't it?

We did manage to get an advance copy of Mr. Rottinghuis' own Manifesto and it's short and sweet:
I'm not Haya and I'm not Sven. Vote for me!
We like it.
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